About Me

Welcome! My name is Jaci and I am a full-time photographer based in Miami. I primarily shoot landscapes, head shots, product and interior photography. I host a growing meetup called Chasing Light 101, it’s aimed towards anyone who has an interest in photography. I offer workshops, free events around Miami and really enjoy motivating other photographers to get up and go shoot!! I have what is called a travel bug, it’s extremely contagious and I have not been able to kick it. Due to the bug, I’ve been working on my travel blog ( http://myphototravels.com ) to document all my travels through my unique writing style and photographs. Feel free to check it out, but it comes with the above warning, so proceed at your own risk.

When I am not traveling, I’m waking up at sunrise to photograph beautiful coastal landscapes ( one of the few perks being based out of South Florida ). It keeps me motivated and serves a healthy reminder on a daily basis. Exploring new areas to photograph either on my bike and paddleboard is what I often do to also keep the creative juices flowing. I really enjoy meeting other creative people, either by picking their brains over a cold beer / hot coffee or just talking about life and art. Good conversation is underrated.

If you’re curious to know more about me, feel free to send me an email or a nice letter.  I will kindly answer back as soon as I can.